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Who We Are

What We Do 


A team of math loving educators looking to expand our community and provide meaningful, high quality mathematics learning experiences. Read more about us here. See more about the mission here

1. Resources! Dig through our library of free resources that are one click answers to quick teacher needs. How do I teach 1st graders skip counting? What is the progression of models for 4th grade fractions? What's a good place to find a task for a 7th grade proportional relationship task? 

2. Professional Development!  In person (post COVID-19) and online for whole schools and individual teachers looking to ramp up a particular or wholistic practice. See the full list here

3. Whole school support: We partner with schools looking to overhaul their mathematics culture and overall mathematics education strategy. We aim for measurable student and adult results in classrooms and provide multi-tiered levels of support to ensure this is achieved. Read more on results in see it work



"I have learned that Linda is not 'a consultant' in the traditional sense. She is Linda: the teacher/leader who is passionate about math, belongs to a family of people that work their butts off for kids, and has somehow found the bandwidth to spread that knowledge to other teachers and schools.  And I am grateful." 

Taiese Carson

Math Culture Lead, Capital City

5th - 8th Public Charter School 

Washington, D.C.

"Linda Grein, founder and leader of EduQuate, is my national go-to math education expert. I help to lead an educational network whose work reaches half a million students, and as a math lover myself, I have a high bar. Linda is the real deal: She taps into the best research and guidance from experts around the world, and combines that with a hands-on teacher's perspective of what it actually means to succeed in this work with teachers and students."

Ron Berger

Chief Academic Officer

EL Education