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Meet the Team

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Linda Grein, Founder
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Hear From Linda:

I started as "not a math person." Although "successful" in math classes until college, I never understood nor appreciated math. It was get 'er done and get out.  Until I almost failed out. Then it became I don't do math. Enter elementary teaching and the amazing transformation that comes from learning from great teachers, coaches, and students. I learned math through my first then second then seventh then eighth graders, and now my three sons. My teaching experience as a white teacher of black and brown students put into stark prospective the need for focus, energy, and especially equity in math education from the earliest years.  Herein launched my new found passion that I have turned into a mission. 



About Linda: 

Linda has been working in education for fifteen years teaching and leading in public, private and public charter schools. Prior to EduQuate, Linda led the whole school (K-8th grade) transformation of math vision, curriculum, culture, and teacher practice at Polaris Charter School in Chicago as their Director of Mathematics.  Since starting EduQuate in 2016, she has supported schools across the U.S. (New York, D.C, Chicago, Boston) in transforming their mathematics culture and curriculum to build life long mathematicians. In addition, she has supported EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning) in research, strategy, and professional development for their network of schools. 

Through this work, Linda has cultivated a vision and process for taking schools, teachers, leaders, students, and parents from their current relationship with mathematics and setting them on a path towards their co-created, ideal vision.

Meet The Polaris

Lab school Team

Learn more about Polaris here

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Michelle Navarre

Head of School

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Michelle has been in education for over 20 years and is the co-founder and Head of School for Polaris Charter Academy in Chicago, IL. As part of wearing her many hats at Polaris, she has also taught middle school math. 

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Mona Iehl

Model Classroom Teacher 

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Mona has been teaching over a decade and has fallen in love with teaching math to primary and now middle school students. 


Nora Ryan

Instructional Guide

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Nora has been teaching primary math for over ten years. She coaches teachers in grades kindergarten through 2nd grades in all areas of instruction. 

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